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Cape Toi, the southernmost tip of Miyazaki Prefecture, is part of the Nichinan Kaigan National Park, where subtropical vegetation thrives and wild horses live. The route to Cape Toi is lined with beautiful beaches, and the scenery changes one after another as the ups and downs are repeated. Passing through Kojima Island, where wild monkeys live, and entering the Cape Toi area, wild horses can be seen here and there. Riding slowly so as not to scare the horses, we will leave Cape Toi and visit the former Yoshimatsu Family Residence, a famous Taisho Era building still remaining in Kushima. Finally, passing through the countryside with a rural landscape, we reached our goal at Nango. This tour is the perfect way to enjoy the beautiful nature and relaxing countryside.

The beach and village of Kojima. We will cycle through this kind of scenery.

Wild monkeys inhabit Kojima Island on the opposite shore. You can also observe them by ferry.

The next beach is Koigaura, where you can also enjoy surfing.

Spectacular road by the ocean.

The Cape Toi area is about 200 meters above sea level and offers spectacular views.

You will cycle uphill like this. The scent of the forest is very nice when it is fresh green.

Cape Toi is home to more than 100 wild horses, which can be encountered here and there.

Wild animals are beautiful.

They are calm and can be observed quietly.

Cape Toi is surrounded by a beautiful ocean.

The ocean water is also crystal clear.

Leaving Cape Toi for Ichirizaki Beach.

In Kushima, stop by the former Yoshimatsu Family Residence. The famous Taisho era architecture and the decorations inside the building are well worth a visit.

Miyazaki has a great many shrines. Small local shrines are also cherished.

The goal is to cycle through scenery of the paddy field to Nango. Highly recommended area, come cycle with us!

Tour name

Cape Toi Cycling 80km

Type of the tour
Guided cycling tour

Recommend season
March - December

Meeting place

Nango Station (Nichinan City, Miyazaki)

Tour time
9:00 - 15:00 (or on your request)

Tour price
13,000円 / per person (3 or more in a group)

17,000円 / per person (2 in a group)

28,000円 / for 1 person

What is included

Distance 80km, total ascent 800m




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